Let’s Talk About…Daihlan Hendry

In this Edition of “Let’s Talk About…” We speak to Daihlan Hendry! WE cover a bunch of topics with him and we hope that you all will enjoy the read!

1. Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling??

  • I Was at University and during the winter break I was messing around online and found Area 52 (now Source Wrestling School) was open a few miles away from my dorms. So I thought that even if I wasn’t very good, I would at least have some people to talk about wrestling with. Been there since so I suppose you can say its been a bit more successful than I thought going in haha

2. Tell us about your early training? Any fun stories?

  • My Early training was hard. I suffer from a condition called Dyspraxia which affects my motor skills and co-ordination (of which is kinda important for Pro Wrestling). So my first couple of sessions was more trying to figure out the basic rolls and bumps which took a while. My clumsiness has given me a lot of laughs while I have been training though to be fair I am quite easily amused.

3. Tell us about your first match? What happened that day? Any advice you received before you went through the curtain?

  • Oh my debut. I was a complete wreck all day. I had been training for around 3 years at that point and then I got told I was debuting in a 8 man tag w/ Tom Fulton, DCT and Celtic Arrow against Damian O’Connor (Killian Dain in NXT), Adam Carrell, Bobby Roberts and Mr Craig Byres. Before the match I was extremely nervous but I was kinda used to big nerves from my time competing in Swimming and martial arts. So the Match went great and then got backstage and I burst into tears with all pent up nerves and relief of just finally managing my then goal of competing on a show

4. What can people expect from Daihlan Hendry that haven’t seen you before?? What is a Daihlan Hendry Match like??

  • I think Timothy Thatcher said it best in Evolve. ‘ I’m not a Sports Entertainer however I’m going to entertain you with my Sport’ . I always aim to make my matches feel like a fight and make you believe in the sport of Pro wrestling even for a little while. If my opponent can keep it interesting then great otherwise I’ll grab a submission and tap them out quickly either way a win is a win

5. Outside of wrestling, any fun facts about yourself?

  • I became a dad In the November before lockdown which has been an amazing experience. As far as funny facts about myself I learned to ride a horse when I was ten as a way to help my coordination Also, my name is that unusual if you google it I’m the only person it comes up with.

6. We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, tell us your top 5 non UK wrestlers?

  • This answer would change almost daily depending on what wrestling I’d watched that week so Today I’ll go.
    • Kyle O’Reilly
    • Tracey Williams
    • Tomohiro Ishii
    • Eddie Kingston
    • Orange Cassidy

7. Now can you set them up in matches against UK wrestlers?

  • Styles tend to make fights.  Robert Wishart Vs kyle o reilly – Would be great fun with a lot of Kicks and Submissions
  • Taylor Vite Vs Tracey Williams – if they could do this under ROH Pure rules I think this could be an absolute classic
  • Andy Wild Vs Tomohiro Ishii – I love a big hoss fight
  • Manlon Vs Eddie Kingston – Imagine Eddie Kingston coming out to answer Manlons ‘King of the Streets’ Challenge. I reckon itd be a fun amount of carnage plus seeing his face when Eddie cuts a promo would make me laugh.
  • Glen Dunbar Vs Orange Cassidy – The Idea of the ultra smug Lowland superstar vs a guy who doesn’t care about anything would be a great character match up. Just seeing Dunbar get more and more annoyed would be hilarious

8. Do you have any dream opponents for the future?

  • I wanna wrestle everyone I said above however I would also love to test myself against Jon Gresham and Zach Sabre Jr. I see those 2 as the 2 best people working today in the style I want to emulate.

9. We are in a time of lockdown, have your goals in wrestling changed for when we return??

  • I’ve had to scale things back a little bit. Once we get back I’m going to mostly focus on getting my ring sharpness back up to scratch by wrestling as much as possible and getting even comfortable in the style I’m trying to develop. I’ve got a couple of dates booked up (Covid allowing) including getting to work with some new promotions which I’m very much looking forward to. 

10. What advice would you give to a new come to wrestling?

  • Research what schools are near you and try to have an idea what kind of style of wrestling you are looking to do. Every school has there own style and only you know exactly what is going to benefit you most. Also Im a big believer in getting as varied feedback/ opinions as possible so I’d always suggest taking up any opportunities to learn that you can.

11. Where can we find you on social media??

  • Twitter – @DHWrestling92
  • Facebook – Daihlan Hendry
  • Instagram – daihlan.hendry

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Predictions Wars: WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Here we are again folks! Another instalment of Prediction Wars and this time round our reigning and defending champion BIG Bennie will be defending his title against his own tag team partner Jason Hyde!!

In the group chat and on Twitter we have seen them exchanging insults and the question now is…Which of them is stronger at predictions?

The event that they will be predicting is WWE Elimination Chamber!

So without any more delay, here are they predictions!!

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH: Drew Mcintyre (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

BIG Bennie – Can’t see past big Drew for this. Him and Sheamus are going to get their singles match at Mania I reckon, so it was always going to be a toss-up between the two but I think Drew’s keeping a hold of the belt.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre

Jason Hyde – I can’t bet against Drew, especially the type of reign he’s had I just don’t see him dropping it before mania and I don’t see the other options as particularly strong ones going into mania.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre


BIG Bennie – I think the final two are going to be Jey Uso and KO, and Owens needs one more shot at the title after the way the Rumble match ended (they handcuffs btw, oof) so I’m going to say he gets one last try before Roman turns full focus on to Edge for Mania.

Prediction: Kevin Owens

Jason Hyde – Going with heart over head on this one, much as I love Kevin Owens I really don’t want to see Roman beat him a 5th time, and they way they’ve been Cesaro they surely have to have something in mind going forward.

Prediction: Cesaro

UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Roman Reigns (c) vs Winner of the Elimination Chamber Match

BIG Bennie – We’re getting Roman vs Edge at Wrestlemania, not a chance Roman’s losing the title on Sunday.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

Jason Hyde – Easiest to predict, one of the most strongly booked guys they’ve had since Cena Vs someone who’s just done an Elimination Chamber match can only go one way

Prediction: Roman Reigns

U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Bobby Lashley (c) vs Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee

BIG Bennie – Going to cheat a wee bit here and go off what the rumour mill’s saying, apparently Keith Lee might be out of this match for reasons unknown. Hoping it’s not true, but going off the back of that I’m going to say Lashley keeps his run of domination going. This is the hurt business, after all.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley

Jason Hyde – This one’s difficult because of ye olde dirt sheets saying the folk in charge aren’t too keen on Keith anymore, which is baffling to be honest. But to make this interesting I’ll mix my choice up to a left field choice.

Prediction: Riddle

WWE WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) vs Sasha Banks and Bianca Bel Air

BIG Bennie – When I did my predictions for Takeover I was convinced that Sasha and Bianca were winning the belts which led to me guessing Raquel and Dakota would win the Dusty Classic. Going to do a complete 180 now because I’m fickle like that, I think Shayna and Nia retain and we get straight to the build for Bianca vs Banks.

Prediction: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Bonus prediction: Either Alexa Bliss is pulling a distraction to get Orton eliminated from the Chamber, or The Fiend finally returns and costs him

Jason Hyde – This is the easiest one I can think of, they’ve already had some stuff with the champs and the dusty classic winners plus I reckon they can use it to build to Sasha v Bianca at mania so

Prediction: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax retain

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Let’s Talk About…Austin Brooks

In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” we get the chance to chat to Austin Brooks! A Source Wrestling School Graduate and we cover a load of topics such as what drew him to wrestling, being an LGBT athlete and a whole host of other stuff! If there is anyone you want to have us interview, let us know in the comments section!

Now, on to the interview!!

1. So firstly, tell us what made you make the decision to begin training? What was your first day like? any fun stories?

  • I have been watching wrestling since a young age, and when I watch all I feel is pure joy. So when I learned about a pro wrestling school in Glasgow (Source) I had to go but due to me being 13 I was to young. At this time I stuck with dancing (which I done for 5 years before wrestling). I finally joined at 14. I just want to make people feel good/invested and I feel through wrestling, I could do that. My first class was nerve wracking but so fun. I was a small, chubby, 14 year old boy stepping into what felt like a grown ups world. However, I felt nothing other than welcome. I cant really remember much due to the lack of oxygen in my asthmatic body due to drills and such (which I was not used to at all) but it was actually such a great experience and I then knew this is what I wanted to do.

2. Fast forward to your first match, what can you tell us about that day? any advice from anyone before you went through the curtain? Anything of note happen that day that sticks out in your mind??

  • My first match, I was the young 15 year old boy no taller than 5 foot, stepping into the ring with one of the men who taught me what I know, Mikey Whiplash. To all those that know Mikey Whiplash he has a reputation of being one of the UK’s best. But again I felt honoured to have been facing him in my first match, and also excited to wrestle him and put what he taught me to work. Before I went out Whippy reassured me that I was going to do well and I wouldnt be debuting if I wasn’t ready, that made me feel so much better! Two things that sticks out about this is having friends and family watch me do what I love (and my mother living up to the stereotype of a “maryhill maw” and advising her son to “fling a brick”) and also taking a nasty bump which made my shoulder immovable for 2 weeks (still didn’t go to doctors or anything) but the pain was so worth it. And no, no brick were thrown.

3. So now that you are on shows (well not the now due to Corona, hopefully that changes soon) any fun road stories or shows that stick out in your mind?

  • Every road story is fun, due to my age for most of my time at training/on shows I wasn’t out after shows (from what I hear, they had some wild nights). But weirdly enough, building the ring was always a good laugh. As much as its hard work, doing with the girls and guys was so much fun!

4. What can anyone who may not have seen you wrestle expect from a Austin Brooks match?

  • Austin Brookes is a name which after lockdown and covid, I will introduce into wrestling. Prior to covid I wrestled under my real name, Mark J Wilson. As Mark my character was just me being me having a good time, doing high flying stunts and striking (and some bumps which my peers feel fear for my life). But as Austin, this will be me finally feeling confident because I have always had a slight confidence but since coming out (LGBT) I finally feel like confident. So for those wrestling Austin Brookes, expect the unexpected.

5. Since we have been in lockdown, what have you been doing with yourself, taken up any new hobbies?

  • I admittedly let my self go slightly during lockdown, bu not working out as much. However in this lockdown workouts are back as the norm for me. I cycled a lot during the summer to places like Loch lomond and Falkirk. And spent a lot of time outdoor with my friends which made me feel younger again.

6. We love some fantasy booking here so what we’d like to know is your Ideal tag match, who your partner be? who would you be facing? Venue, stipulation, anything! What is the dream tag match for Austin Brooks?

  • Dream tag match. Never thought about this but I would love to team with Ray mysterio/Jeff hardy/bianca/io and would love to face Usos, Kings of Catch, KOE, Working Mens Club be honest anyone would be great and my dream matches include TLC, Wargames, any extreme stipulation.

7. You are an LGBT athlete, has that changed anything in wrestling for you?

  • Coming out (as already mentioned) has allowed me to feel more confident, and before covid, I felt my matchs getting better, my wrestling, my crowd work everything. So yeah, Coming out has only positively impacted me. Also everyone and Souce has been very supportive and so has many others I have met from the other schools in Scotland!.

8. Who are your main influences when it comes to wrestling??

  • Main influences for me mostly stem from female wrestlers, such as Gail Kim, Lita, AJ, Paige, more recently Io and Ember. To be honest all the people I have met through wrestling have influenced me in a positive way. Just working with people, training with, and talking with always taught me something new.

9. What can you tell us about yourself outside of wrestling, any fun stories or talents??

  • Myself out of wrestling is very clumsy. I am fun-loving and like a laugh, and can never say no to a night out. I am now a fitness student at COGC (City Of Glasgow College). You would find me in the gym in the morning, college during the day and training some nights at source. Weekends ill be out in the “gay area” of glasgow drinking in delmonicas/katies/polo lounge or most commonly AXM. I do have some funny stories.. but those are mostly likely best kept out of this haha.

10. Where can we find you on social media??

  • Instagram Markjwilson_l
  • Twitter @Austinbrookes01

We Just want to take this chance to thank Austin one more time for the interview and if you enjoy what we are doing you can follow us on Twitter at @ScotWresDiscuss, give us a follow, like and retweet our stuff and even leave a comment!

Let’s Talk About…KoE!

In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” I got the chance to speak to one of Scotland finest tag teams, King Killa and Kai William King, collectively known as KoE, I chat to them about being both brothers and a tag team, what KoE actually stands for and a story that once I read it, couldn’t believe it but I didn’t question it, so I’ll let all of you decide whether it’s real or not (if it is…wow)

Here’s the interview folks!

1. Did you guys start in wrestling together or did one of you start first?

  • We began training together but Killa took about a year off to focus on his physique and be better prepared for training. Kai then debuted about a year before Killa had his first singles match. 2 months later we were teaming.

2. You guys aren’t just tag partners, you’re brothers as well, do you feel that being brothers has helped you guys as a team?

  • Yes definitely, we have the same outlook on life and wrestling. It makes it easier to be on the same page most of the time. We are also brutally honest with each other which helps us improve.

3. Tell us about your first match as a team? What was it like, how did you both feel about it, What was your families reaction to seeing you both in the ring together?

  • It was the main event of a closed door show for promoters around Scotland, a triple threat against the Govan Team and the Underdogs. The match went well and our natural chemistry in the ring was clear and that’s when we decided to go all in with tag wrestling. Our Mum and Granny don’t have a clue about wrestling but always enjoy coming to watch us anyway.

4. When you both were training, did you imagine you’d become a tag team, was it your own goal to become a team??

  • Initially we wanted to establish ourselves as singles guys first, which is also the reason for having only a minor connection in our ring names. But after teaming in training and our first match we decided it worked well and there was real potential in tag wrestling, especially as brothers.

5. What can people expect from a KoE match?? for anyone who may have not seen you guys before, what can you tell them?

  • Just us being absolutely unbelievable in the ring and entertaining af. Finest team around.

6. We love some fantasy booking here so what I would like to know is who is the dream team you want to face, what venue, stipulation would you want added into that, tell us the dream KoE match?

  • 2 our of 3 falls against the Usos in WWE would be the dream match. Also the Young Bucks in AEW and G.O.D In NJPW would be great.

7. What does KoE stand for? as a team does the name have any significance to you guys?

  • KoE stands Kreators of Endless enjoyment. It has ultimate significance to us.

8. Outside of wrestling, what can you tell us about KoE? any fun stories from growing up?

  • Kai has never lost a game of Trivial Pursuit or Yahtzee and Killa can perfectly balance on one hand for over 10 minutes.
  • One funny story growing up was the time we accidentally bought a tiger and had it delivered to the house. Killa was a big tiger lover so Kai decided that for his 18th birthday that they would adopt a tiger, or at least that was the plan. Basically we went on some random website that offered a lifetime of monthly tiger-related freebies every month once we adopted it. We thought that was good value for money. Anyway, Kai paid the biggest chunk as it was Killa’s birthday and it totalled about £800. We did think it was a bit expensive for an adoption but went for it anyway. About 2 months later a big trailer arrived at the house (we thought it was a big ass freebie) and we signed some papers without checking what we were signing. About 5 men get out and using sticks, food and chains pulled a fully-grown out the trailer and asked where to leave him. It was carnage, he wrecked our fence. We tried to explain we hadn’t bought a tiger and there was some sort of mistake but they said their job was to deliver it and there was no way to take it back overseas (still have no clue where it came from). So they tied him to the pillar on our driveway and left. It caused some issues with the neighbours and literally about 10 minutes later the police and fire brigade (don’t know why) arrived. Kai gets handcuffed and sat on our garden wall (it technically isn’t legal to buy a tiger in the UK) as the police make phone calls trying to figure out what to do. About an hour later and the RSPCA, representatives from Edinburgh Zoo, armed police and animal control have also arrived and its just absolute chaos as technically the tiger doesn’t have a home. Long story short, we explained to the police what happened and some new trailer picked the animal up, everyone left and we’ve never seen the tiger again. No charges but we were £800 out of pocket. Plus side is we still receive our freebies to this day.

9. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start out in the wrestling business? or maybe to any teams as well?

  • Our advice to anyone starting out is to try and take inspiration from your interests outside of wrestling to develop your wrestling personality and be confident in your own abilities but always be prepared to listen and learn. Our advice to tag teams is just don’t, you’ll never be as good as us.

10. Where can we find you on social media??

Let’s Talk About…Logan Storm

In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” we got the chance to chat to Pro2 Championship Wrestling Owner Logan Storm. A former wrestler in his own right, he has now turned his attention to create a new brand for Scottish Wrestling! We chat about Pro2, his wrestling career and much much more, we hope you enjoy!

Here is the interview!

1. Most people will know that you were a wrestler before you decided to open Pro2 Wrestling, what made you want to become a wrestler, what clicked for you to make those first steps?

  • Same thing that started most of the guys wrestling , watched World of Sport when I was wee , the WWF, fell away from it for a while when you go through the age of 10-16/17, watched a match at a friends house and it was Hardcore Holly Vs Al Snow both were straddled on the top rope waffling each other with a frying pan, good ol JR yelling By god he hit him with a Tefal

2. Pro2 was started last year during during a time when now shows where happening and you’ve been very busy on social media making loads of announcements, what made you firstly make the decision to start Pro2? Also why start making these announcements during a time when there were no live shows??

  • A long time ago i was sitting with a friend of mine another wrestler & we had this idea to create a promotion that would help give trainees a platform to work off and give established talent a promotion to help bring the next gen on, which was originally committee based, now it’s just me

3. What can people expect from your shows?

  • Pro2 shows are family fun filled shows , with quality wrestling for fans, for talent we hope to be a safe, fun, learning environment
We are excited to see what Pro2 brings with their Womens Division!

4. We’ve seen the roster announcements and the belts, do you have anymore announcements set up for us?? Or are you keeping some surprises for the first show?

  • Well when it’s show day eventually , the guys you see on the poster are the talent you will see in ring, but we will have other talent backstage doing interviews and vignette for the up coming YouTube channel

5. Aside from all the Pro2 work you’ve been doing, what have you been doing during Lockdown?

  • Well I work as an Auxiliary nurse at the combined assessment unit at Ayr Hospital, have been there 20 years+

6. Will we be seeing you lace up the boots for a match down the line in Pro2

  • I’ve always said I’ve one match left in me but sadly not for Pro2, for me Kilmarnock Grand Hall will always be my Madison square Garden & that venue is ran By Graham McKay owner of BCW, maybe one day Rage N Storm will do one last match, who knows
What madness can we expect from the Why So Serious Division??

7. We love some fantasy booking here, So what we’d to know is what would be the Ideal six man tag for you? who would your partners be? opponents, venue, stipulation, whatever, what would the Ideal Logan Storm six man tag be?

  • Easy one Rage N storm with Rob Cage vs Original Fight club and Andy wild at BCW In the Grand Hall and it would be an elimination match with Andy vs Rob to finish it off

8. What advice can you give to anyone who may be thinking of starting out in wrestling once Lockdown is over??

  • There is some of the best training schools in the UK right here in Scotland:
    • Pro Wrestling Scotland ( TJ Rage)
    • Pro Wrestling Innovation (Kreiger)
    • GPWA (Jester & Red Lightning)
    • FPWA ( Andy Wild )
    • Respect Pro ( Bobby Robert’s)
    • Wrestlezone ( Scotty Swift)
    • W3L ( Mike Musso)
  • So there are loads to choose from all offering excellent programmes, I made a mistake when I wrestled and quit training, instead I should have continued to attend and keep the practice up also allows you to see the talent coming through.

9. To anyone who may interested in coming to see Pro2 but are still unsure, what message would you like to give them?

  • Working within local authorities, NHS, I will have all the info to provide a safe crowd, but also we hope to bring you the fans some great matches and hopefully get some stars of the future in your local area
Will we see you at the first Pro2 Show??

10. Where can we find you on social media??

  • you can find me on:
    • FB – @Loganstormfanpage or @Pro2ChampionshipWrestling
    • and of course right here on Twitter

We just want to take this moment to say thank you to Logan Storm and we cannot wait to see the beginnings of Pro2 and see them grow as a company!

Let’s Talk About….Ryan Richards

In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” we have a chat with newcomer to the Scottish Scene, Ryan Richards! We can safely say this was a very interesting chat, we learned a lot about “The Supreme” and we hope you all enjoy it as well.

Here’s the interview!

1. Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling??

  • I’ve been a business owner since I was 18 years old, so after a couple years of being incredibly successful in the business world, I knew it was time for a new challenge. Wrestling has always been the thing I’m most passionate about. I always knew I would pursue wrestling as my career. As a kid, I had a large trampoline in my garden, all of the kids from school would come over and we would have wrestling tournaments for hours. The Supreme was a champion even as a kid! Staying up until 4am to watch WWE PPVs before leaving for school at 8am. I’ve always been hooked. I think after the British wrestling boom period, the landscape of wrestling changed in this country and there are now so many more opportunities for British wrestlers. That was a key part in my decision to start this journey. The world’s eyes are now on British wrestling. There’s a WWE UK brand, there’s British wrestlers in AEW, ROH & NJPW. The pathway is there now. In 2019, after assessing the landscape of British wrestling and my own business, I made the decision that I was going to make professional wrestling my life.

2. Tell us about your early training. Any fun stories? Tell us about your very first thoughts walking into the school?

  • Based in Dingwall (15 miles north of Inverness), my training school was a 3.5 hour drive away. I calculated that in my first year training, I was on the road for over 300 hours! Walking into the training school felt right. Coming from a small town of 5,000 people into the big city and joining a training school where I knew nobody, other people might be nervous. Not The Supreme. I looked at it as day one on my road to the top.

3. Once we get back to live shows (Hopefully that’s very soon) what can people expect from The Supreme?

  • Success. There are no barriers holding me back; I have the right coach, the financial resources behind me, the talent is obvious. For nearly a year, I’ve been proving to everybody I can talk the talk. There are some people out there who still think The Supreme is all talk. I think it’s going to blow their tiny little minds when I prove I can walk the walk. I’m not your typical young wrestler. Everybody is so polite, with all their pleasantries, patting everybody else on the back. I’m unapologetically great. People get so captivated by how well I talk, they forget The Supreme is a prime athlete. I played in the top adults shinty league in the country at 14 years old. I dominated athletic competitions all throughout my youth in a variety of fields. I’m 6’3, 230lbs. Quick, strong, powerful, with one hell of a left uppercut.

4. We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, let us know who are your top non UK wrestlers?? We do include tag teams.

  • Brock Lesnar
  • Sasha Banks
  • Bianca Belair
  • Ricochet
  • Adam Cole

5. Now let’s make your fantasy car and pit each of those wrestlers against UK based ones youd like to see in a match!

  • Brock Lesnar vs “Big Red” Fletch Cassidy. I would pay a five figure sum to see that.
  • Banks vs Kay Lee Ray
  • Bianca Belair vs Gisele Shaw
  • Ricochet vs Leyton Buzzard
  • Adam Cole vs Ian Skinner

6. Outside of wrestling what can you tell us about Ryan Richards? Any fun facts?

  • I’ll give you an exclusive fact about The Supreme: I hate dogs.

7. What words of advice would you give to anyone who wanted to take their first steps into the wrestling world?

  • Be brave. Be bold. Be the hardest worker in the room.

8. Once we get back to live shows. What are your goals for the future??

  • Main event. Win championship gold. I’m not arriving to be one of the pack, I’m special. I’ve been great my entire life, now the wrestling audience will discover it. I’ll do whatever it takes to become successful. Do I mind venturing into the grey to get the job done? It’s where I’m most comfortable. I’m ruthless. I’ll happily take the food off your family’s table, and bin the leftovers. I want to wrestle on the biggest stage possible, under the biggest spotlight, with the most amount of eyeballs on The Supreme. I want the world to know how great I am. Neckbeards will throw their hard earned money at promoters just to see The Supreme. Whether it’s to tell me how much they despise me, because deep down they want to be like me, or because they know I’m box office, it doesn’t matter. The Supreme being in town is a license to print money.

9. Is their anyone in the UK scene right now you would want to step in the ring with??

  • Anybody with championship gold is on my radar. I’m not here to make friends, I didn’t get into wrestling to find a “second family” that I can go to a cheap Wetherspoons pub with. I’m here for success. If you’re holding a championship belt, if you’re a main eventer, then you’re stealing a spot that should belong to The Supreme.

10. Where can we find you on social media??

@RyanRichards1_ on both Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you very much to Ryan Richards for the interview and we cannot wait to see what “The Supreme” has in store for live audiences once we can get back to shows!

If you enjoy our content please share it, you can follow us on Twitter at @ScotWresDiscuss

Prediction Wars – NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day!

Welcome back to Prediction Wars! Our first war from the Royal Rumble saw us crown our first ever Champion in “The North Lanarkshire Loudmouth” Big Bennie!! Now with him becoming the Champion, that means he will need to defend it!

His opponent is none other than the subject of our very first Interview! He is the man behind the Scottish Wrestling Network, Billy Strachan!!

These two will be predicting the outcome of NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day!!

NXT’s first Takeover of the year takes place tonight and we have asked each man to give us their predictions for each of the matches and I have also asked them to give us one OUTRAGEOUS (I feel like capital letters make this more dramatic…..maybe not…just go with it)

So let’s look at their predictions!!


Toni Storm vs Io Shirai (c) vs Mercedes Martinez

Billy Strachan –

Winner: Io Shirai

My brain and heart are tussling here between Io Shirai and Toni Storm. I think Io will escape with the title once again but it will be Toni time very soon.

Big Bennie –

Winner: Io Shirai

I’m voting with my heart as well as my head with this one, any of my fellow Respect brethren will tell you that I am a MASSIVE Shirai fan. Plus, I’m applying the same logic as the men’s title match, I feel that Raquel Gonzalez is going to be the next champ so I don’t see Toni or Mercedes getting a short reign.

Women’d Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals: Raquel Gonzales and Dakota Kai vs Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart

Billy Strachan –

Winner: Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart

As much as I want Kai and Gonzalez to win, as it will help my fantasy league points elsewhere, it’s got to be Moon and Blackheart to challenge Nia Jax and Shaya Bazler.

Big Bennie –

Winner – Raquel Gonzales and Dakota Kai

Yet again I’m having to look beyond the match to outside influences, because otherwise it’s a battle of head and heart yet again. Raquel’s been very clearly positioned as the top commodity in NXT this weather, but I love Shotzi Blackheart and hate the thought of betting against her. My decision has been made off the back of this week’s Smackdown, which seems to be gearing towards Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair taking on Nia and Shayna for the tag belts. I reckon Banks and Belair get the victory, then quickly drop the belts to Kai and Gonzalez which sets up the Smackdown Women’s Title match at Wrestlemania.

Mens Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals: MSK vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Billy Strachan –

Winner: Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson)

Last year’s finalists to win big this time, to counter balance Moon and Blackheart winning as the popular outcome. Don’t know how that would work with them versus Lorcan and Burch but that’s for people that get paid to work this stuff out

Big Bennie –

Winner – MSK

This whole card is full of difficult ones to call, good God. They’ve strapped the rocket on MSK and really let them show off what they can do throughout the Dusty Classic, but the Vets were in line for a big ol’ push before lockdown so it’s a question of whether that plan is still in place for them. For this one I’m having to look beyond the match at the fact that Lorcan and Burch are the current tag champs, and heel vs heel matches are the least likely to pull the level of reaction a title match deserves. So I’m going out on a limb and putting my money on the new guys in town.

NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano (c) vs Kushida

Billy Strachan –

Winner: Johnny Gargano

This is The Way.

Big Bennie –

Winner – Kushida

This is a difficult one to call, because while Kushida has been dominant lately there’s always the Austin Theory factor. That being said, I think Theory tries to run interference, Dexter Lumis puts a stop to it and the Kushida Express keeps on rolling.

NXT Championship: Finn Balor (c) vs Pete Dunne

Billy Strachan –

Winner: Pete Dunne

This is my risky choice in order to try and defeat BIG Bennie, put the belt on Pete Dunne, bring back McAfee, end the show with Lorcan and Burch on either side. All the gold

Big Bennie –

Winner – Finn Balor

Ultimately the winner of this match doesn’t matter, because sooner or later Karrion Kross is coming to take his title back. They gave Keith Lee a short reign that was ended by Kross, I can’t see them doing the same with Pete, so I’m going to say The Prince lives to die another day.

Thank you too both Billy and Big Bennie for their predictions and may the best man win!!

Let’s Talk About…Rubi Roberts!!

Here we are for another edition of “Let’s Talk About…” and today we have another rising star within the Scottish scene, Rubi Roberts is a graduate of the Respect Pro Wrestling School and we hope you all enjoy what we chatted about!

On to the interview!

1. Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling??

  • I got into wrestling as a little girl, I was always a Tom Boy and grew up with a lot of brothers. We used to watch WWF/WWE every chance we got which was usually just smack down on a Saturday morning on sky. I always wanted to be a wrestler and grow up to be like Chyna (at the time) she was this amazing strong women who didn’t need to be girly or act like she was any less than the guys and she was the first female wrestler I remember personally that was just a wrestler, not being filler or a diva just a wrestler. I wanted to do that and be that.

2. Tell us about your early training? Any fun stories?

  • Oh now there’s a lot, I originally started training at Source wrestling school in Goven in 2011, but due to a serious shoulder injury I had to stop training and had a three year recovery and rehabilitation before being able to train again. Which luckily for me in the mean time, my cousin Bobby Roberts had started Respect Pro by the time I was able to come back. I now belong to a wrestling school that feels like a family, which comes with parental figures and a whole lot of brothers. I do remember a few hilarious moments I’m always laughing at training, we train hard but we also have the best time. I once while on route to a show picked up a wrestling figure in the car thinking it was stone cold being that we were in bobbys car, so without looking at it I confidently picked it up and declared to Bobby, “Austin is disappointed in you” the look of pure rage on Bobby’s face when he saw I was holding a Rock figurine was hilarious, but then he took the figure and threw it out of the moving car in disgust I laughed for a solid 20 minutes as did everyone else in the car good times.

3. Tell us about your first match? What happened that day? Any advice you received before you went through the curtain?

  • I was so nervous, but it was amazing there was this electric feeling in the air the entire everyone involved was buzzing myself, Sean Martin and Big Bennie made our official debut on the 27th of October 2019, I had the pleasure of wrestling the Sensational Scenebirds with my tag partner for the evening Stone Malone. The moment I burst through the curtain I knew I wanted to do this, exactly this for the rest of my life if I could. And none of it would have been possible with out the trainers at Respect Pro Wrestling, especially Bobby Roberts who pushes me to do my best every day.

4. What can people expect from Rubi Roberts that haven’t seen you before?? What is a Rubi Roberts Match like??

  • Rubi Roberts is a no nonsense smash mouth bad ass. A Rubi match is a non stop brawl to the end, when I step in that ring there’s one goal, win. They don’t call me the Basic Bitch Slayer for nothing, and as soon as wrestling resumes everyone will see why.

5. Outside of wrestling, any fun facts about yourself?

  • Not sure if these are fun or not, but I have a massive love for games, I collect comic books and figures as well as being the biggest Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I also have a great love for classic Nintendo games to the point I have a super Mario tattoo.

6. We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, tell us your top 5 non UK wrestlers?

  • My top 5 wrestlers are a bit all over the place I’ll go with my top 5 female wrestlers to make it easier, I absolutely love Charlotte Flair, I love what Becky Lynch has been doing on WWE the last few years, I take a lot of inspiration from Awesome Kong I love her attitude and her wrestling style and Luna who’s persona just spoke to me for some reason. My favourite wrestler was Chyna, she was fantastic. She was taken seriously, was just like one of the guys and fought like a wrestler completely irregardless of gender. She inspired me to be a wrestler I just wish I’d know about classes earlier in life.

7. Now can you set them up in matches against UK wrestlers?

  • For me personally I would love to see:
    • Charlotte vs Piper Niven
    • Becky vs Kay Lee Ray
    • Awesome Kong vs Jayla Dark vs Luna (triple threat)
    • Chyna vs Emily Hayden

8. Do you have any dream opponents for the future?

  • There is a very long list, but to name a few I would absolutely love the chance to get to wrestle Piper Niven/Viper I’ve followed her career from the beginning and it would be amazing if I were given that opportunity. I would also have loved the chance to wrestle Jayla Dark before she retired, Jayla has helped to train me over the last couple of years and has been a great teacher. Kay Lee Ray would be amazing as well, I remember watching her on a Fierce Females show during a hardcore match and just thinking she was excellent.

9. We are in a time of lockdown, have your goals in wrestling changed for when we return??

  • Yes and no, I had set myself certain goals in January 2020 to try and make working relationships with more promotions and train as much as possible. Unfortunately due to lock down we are a year down the line and I’ve had to try and adapt the plan to fit current circumstance. So now I am focusing on fitness at home, taking online seminars where possible with Lou King Sharp, who has organised online sessions on some of the less physical aspects of wrestling. I have been reaching out to promotions as well and was very pleased to be signed to Pro2 Championship Wrestling at the start of 2021

10. What advice would you give to a new come to wrestling?

  • Keep going. It’s gets hard, but it’s worth it, if you really want to do wrestling do not let anyone or anything discourage you, only you can make yourself put the work in.

11. Where can we find you on social media??

You can find me on the following

Facebook – https://facebook.com/RubiRoberts13

Instagram – Rubi_Roberts_Wrestler

Twitter – @Rubirob06334161

We just want to thank Rubi for taking part in the interview and if you enjoyed is then please share and follow us, if there is anyone you would like to see us drop a comment or contact us on Twitter at @ScotWresDiscuss

Let’s Talk About….Colton Davis

In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” we got the chance to speak to a newcomer to the scene before Lockdown began and graduate of the Source Wrestling School (@SourceWres) Colton Davis! We hope that you all enjoy the read and if you have enjoyed these interviews then let us know who else you would like to see us interview!!

Now Let’s get to the Interview itself!

1. Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling??

  • It started out the same as most people, just watching it from a young age. It was often on in the background but it wasn’t until the Royal Rumble ’08 that I sat down and actually watched. In terms of training, I had no idea a Scottish wrestling scene existed, until a family member started training when I was around 10. I completely forgot about it then, when I was 15 I seen a post on Facebook for the Source Wrestling School, never looked back.

2. Tell us about your early training? Any fun stories?

  • I was very skinny when I started so it was pretty hard to get used to the intense training at first, but eventually I got to grips with it. I was just happy to be there, for the first few months, I was training 3 times a week. Loved every minute

3. Tell us about your first match? What happened that day? Any advice you received before you went through the curtain?

  • Thankfully, I only found out about my debut 3 days before, so I didn’t have very long to think about it and get worked up about it. I was more excited than nervous until I woke up on the day of… my hands were shaking and I didn’t think i was going to be able to do it. The nerves remained high until I stepped through the curtain, it just felt right. The anxiety and nerves just faded away into the background. Everyone at Source was very supportive of myself, and the other 3 lads who made their debut that night.
Credit to Marion McGinn for the photo

4. What can people expect from Colton Davies that haven’t seen you before?? What is a Colton Davies make like??

  • A number of different things, there’s likely to be some high flying, throwing about of my opponent and some hard hitting strikes. Hopefully in 2021 I’ll get the chance to showcase it all a bit more than last year.

5. Outside of wrestling, any fun facts about yourself?

  • Away from wrestling, I’ve been involved in a number of different sporting activities like football – winning the British Cup with my school team as well as things like boxing, karate and even darts.

6. We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, tell us your top 5 non UK wrestlers?

  • Hardy Boyz (kinda cheating here)
  • The Fiend
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Jon Moxley
  • Dominik Dijakovic

7. Now can you set them up in matches against UK wrestlers?

  • The Fiend Vs Xero Specifically, a cinematic style match with this pair would be unbelievable together. Both are very talented (and creepy) so I can’t begin to imagine what things they could come up with.
  • Rhea Ripley vs Rayhne, Two similar styles again. This would be guaranteed to be a hard hitting and thoroughly entertaining bout.
  • Dominik Dijakovic vs ADM Two big dudes that wrestle very different styles. I’d love to see Dijakovic flying about the ring and ADM dishing out piledrivers and brainbusters all over the place.
  • Jon Moxley vs Stevie Boy One of the top guys in the US vs one of the top guys in the UK, no brainer really.
  • The Hardy Boyz vs KoE Guaranteed to be a very entertaining match. One that everyone could enjoy.

8. Do you have any dream opponents for the future?

  • Any of the ones I mentioned above aswell as guys like Chris Brookes and of course, Drew McIntyre.

9. We are in a time of lockdown, have your goals in wrestling changed for when we return??

  • The main goals have stayed the same, but for 2021 the goal is just to get back in the ring for now. Then when wrestling is back to normal(ish) I want to wrestle as much as possible for as many different promotions against as many different people as possible.

10. What advice would you give to a new come to wrestling?

  • Relax and enjoy it. Trust your coaches, be willing to learn and work hard.

11. Where can we find you on social media??

Twitter & Instagram @thecoltondavis

Let’s Talk About…Grant McIvor

Welcome back for another edition of “Let’s Talk About….” and today we have an amazing guest in the current Source Wrestling (@SourceWres) Champion! GRANT MCIVOR!! He is still doing the Wrestling (albeit not in the current Lockdown era) and he took some time to answer some questions from us and we hope you enjoy this read!

1. Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling??

  • I fell away from wrestling in my teens and got nostalgic when The Rock came back in 2011. Became an obsessed fan watching week in, week out reading up all journo stuff (One Love, Bleacher Report) becoming a “smart fan”. It wasn’t until the Kelvin Brawl in 2013 with Robert Florence and Greg Hemphill that I properly found out about Scottish Wrestling. I had heard about the Source Wrestling School a little prior to this but after seeing this show it made me want to get involved. The show let me see how much a higher-level Scottish Wrestling was than I thought (some on the shoe being signed with WWE), and the fact it was in my backyard made be give it a go.

2. What can you tell us about your early years? Any fun stories?

  • My very first training session featured me being sick twice due to poorly timed meals and me thinking, “I go to the gym, I’ll be able to keep up”. Nope. I played Fake Heath Slater in an ICW skit one year into training and got booted off Drew McIntyre. I got my gimmick name, The Gazelle, from a nickname given to me during a training seminar.

3. Tell us about your very first match? What happened that day and how did you feel? What advice did you get that day?

  • My first match happened after about 2 years of training, got to the point where I just needed to get in front of a crowd to get better. Wrestled with Glen Dunbar, who has been many a Scottish Wrestlers first. Was completely nerve shot and just had an absolutely by the numbers match, so I made as few mistakes as possible, haha. Absolutely loved it and found out just how different wrestling a match in front of a crowd was compared to wrestling in training. I was wearing tights that weren’t tight at the waist, had to borrow boots because they hadn’t arrived yet. And was beaten by Dunbar with a submission that, I swear if he doesn’t bring it back, I’m stealing it.

4. Tell us about Grant McIvor. What can people who may not have seen you wrestle expect from one of your matches?

  • Me? I’m the Gazelle. The Belter. Captain Catch. The Influencer. Lord of the Rings. The Bourne Identity. Taxi Driver. Jaws. What was the question? Ah right. Initially I liked to have a lot of high-flying style but integrated more catch-based wrestling, a bit more crafty and use what offense I can have in front of me (MacGyver, Right?). My style has mainly become composed of things that I do well, Forearms, Cheeky holds, quick escapes, and pop culture quips. Usually, can find me reminding people that I am Still Doing the Wrestling, as some people like to ask if I am. I’ve found it is quite common with a lot of wrestlers.
Credit to Marion McGinn

5. You’ve been around the scene for a few years now. Any fun road stories?

  • During the great snowstorm of… March 2018, Source made the decision to go ahead with their show in Lennoxtown, which ended up being packed because most events were cancelled that weekend (hmm, sounds familiar). Anyway, the farm road which is already a pain to drive in is about a lane shorter. So I, accompanied by ADM, had to drive through to Lennoxtown in the most white knuckled, arse-clenching car journey I have ever made and I never have to drive ADM again.

6. What advice do you have for anyone looking to take their first steps into wrestling once lockdown has ended?

  • Don’t wait particularly just now. Small tip is watch Tough Enough episodes. Check the exercises, drills etc., that they do and the drive that is needed to push yourself through training. Get yourself moving and training bodyweight and conditioning circuits, these are fitness drills that you will encounter and if you can begin training already in shape, you will see a benefit in your skills and understanding of wrestling develop quicker because you are not breathing out your backside. (Look up Gotch Bible) When you get into class: Listen; ask questions when you can; turn up early; ask if you are unsure about anything; be enthusiastic but you remember to walk before you can run. You’ll find times where you’ll struggle put pushing yourself and accomplishing things you could only dream of when you started.

7. Speaking of Lockdown. What have you been doing with yourself during it?

  • Working the day job and studying for the “future job”. Wrestling wise trying to keep myself sane with a semi decent training programme, engaging with the community at Source encouraging everyone to share their Workouts of the day to stop everyone getting bored training making sure they are keeping themselves active and maintaining themselves so we can be ready when we come back. Other than that, I have enjoyed falling back into playing videogames again since one hobby has gone for the time being. Enjoy long walks in the countryside and travelling, looking for someone to join- sorry that’s the tinder bio Most important part of this time is just making sure that I’m keeping myself sane and positive at this time.

8. We love fantasy booking here. So can you name your top 5 non UK wrestlers?

  • Christian Cage
  • nWo Wolfpac Sting
  • CM Punk
  • Matt Hardy V1
  • Big E

9. Now with those five on one side can you make up a team of 5 UK wrestlers for a fantasy Survivor Series style match?

  • Robbie Wishart
  • ADM
  • Charlie Vyce
  • Theo Doros
  • Craig Antony.

10. Outside of wrestling. Tell us something we may not know about you?

  • Outside of wrestling I study Sports Therapy. Aches and pains that I encountered through wrestling and training got me interested in understanding how injuries happen, whether instantly or over time, so outside it is some I wish to pursue as well as pass this information back into those coming up in wrestling. Less boringly, or more, I can binge through a season of football manager in a less than a week, and getting lost down YouTube rabbit holes.

11. Where can we find you on Social Media?

Thank you very much to Grant for the interview! We hope you all enjoyed it and please like and share our interviews and follow us on Twitter at @ScotWresDiscuss!!